Distribution Network

Up here with Gospel Music Shared we handle both digital and physical distribution, full knowing the importance of selling and marketing across all formats. Whether it’s a full physical album at HMV, or an digital EP on Spotify, or just a track in a UGC video on YouTube or simply a catchy ringtone through Telefonica. Get supplied through hundreds of outlets around the world through our physical and digital distribution. Our partnerships and allies will help amplify your reach and revenue across multiple business verticals.



Sales & Marketing


In these last days with the complex and ever-changing music world, our Sales and Marketing teams use their skills and connections to help separate your releases from the competition, offering strategic programs pitches and creative promotions to bring the highest awareness, reach and off course, sales.

  • Facilitate discovery: We increase visibility and sales at storefronts and streaming services. With specific online advertising and search engine optimization tactics with secure editorial features to bring your music to new potential followers.
  • Connect with fans: By the use of email capture, listening parties, live video streams and more, we bring fans into the action, and give them the tools to bring others into this too.
  • Engage fans: We can’t underestimate the fans. So we must turn basic fans into dedicated big fans through new technology partnerships, social media programs, contests and online promotions that generate valuable fan interaction.
  • Grow your sales: No man is an island. We will work together to create unique products that are insync with your release strategies, from custom compilations and playlists to engaging direct-to-consumer campaigns and premium bundles. Why stop there? Add some pre-orders exclusives, bonus material and flexible pricing, and you’ll have all the tools you need to drive your sales.


Licensing Opportunities

Get your music heard in films, TV shows, ads and games. We will always share you new licensing opportunities.




Rights management

We’ll help you manage your rights and exploit new revenue streams. Our licensing team handles the publishing approval, licensing, accounting and royalty payouts so that you can sell third-party compositions. We can collect worldwide royalty payments and licensing administration on your behalf that’s if you own your publishing. Lastly we’ll make sure you’re not missing out on substantial revenue from your performance royalties. We actively register and collect from societies in over 30 different territories to ensure you get prompt payment directly from the source. Basically we handle the complexity of mechanical licensing, pub admin and performance royalty collections so that you still have plenty of time to make music and develop artists.



Client support

At the core of our company are some tech heads who you will support you. We have the largest client-to-staff ratio out of any distribution company and pride ourselves on being accessible, nimble and passionate. We’re inherently invested in your business, which means we put your success at the forefront of everything we do.